Spokesperson Interview: Maria Espinoza, discussing technology during Expo 2020 Dubai

Maria Espinoza, the Head of business development at Laboratoria Peru took part within the framework of the Travel and Connectivity Week, organized by the Program for People and Planet at Expo 2020 Dubai. We asked Ms. Espinoza about her thoughts of the event, and she explained that Travel and Connectivity Week truly was a week full of learning. Closing the Digital Divide was the panel that kicked off this action-packed week. She said that the conversation was very rich in perspectives with lots of ideas and themes around the existing gaps in the digital sector. She participated together with other invited organizations and governments such as Luxembourg, who stood out for their work around opportunity access and connection.

We also wanted to know how she felt about the presence of Peru at Expo 2020 Dubai and what she liked about the Peruvian pavilion? Ms. Espinoza said: ‘’I had a deep sense of pride; the pavilion really conveyed the essence and diversity of Peru. I felt proud to see our culture represented. My favorite part was the jungle section, with all the diversity it represents, the colors, animals, food, and cultures. This was an unforgettable experience.’’

She also opened up about the role technology played at Expo 2020 Dubai, and how the central theme of the panel she attended on Day 1 was very poignant. They talked about how to reduce the gaps and barriers to access technology. ‘’Today we see how technology has penetrated all aspects of society, how we work, the apps we use, how we socialize, etc. If we want women to be part of the design of the world, we need women designing and building technology today’’ she explained.